What Did I Miss?

by Yer Trash

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Recorded in Will's basement on August 12, 2016
Mixed at Ryan's house, November 2016
Bonus track with purchase. ;)


released December 3, 2016

Yer Trash is Zeno, Will, Ryan and Dan.



all rights reserved


Yer Trash Middletown, Connecticut

Yer Trash is a noise-hop, punk, post-implosion clusterfuck coming to leave their innards on the floor.

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Track Name: Georgie
georgie ate one bloody apple pie
then lights men up like bombasts in the sky
from sea to shining sea
we're abiding
while georgie forces us to fight his fight!
oh! i fucked lady liberty last week!
she came quick, i left her on her knees
oh georgie georgie told me he likes watchin
i say, slow jerker go bizurk when it hurts
oh dont you stop!
georgie OH GEORGIE
make me red white & blue
all to please you
georgie georgie georgie georgie x2
i pledge allegience
georgie georgie georgie georgie x2
arent we all heathenns!
what does the senate know?!

one melting nation, divided under smog
one melting nation cut and
bleeding like a hog!
we luv the bacon x3
we never beggin x3
oh georgie
Georgie we <3 u
what are we to do?
without you?..
Track Name: No, Massah
i have no master baby oh i have no god
i exist as free matter as pervasive as the fog
oh if you build a fence you wench
i'll jump right over it x2
i'm yer master's disaster
yer leaders defeater x2
don't feed yer leader
neoliberal deceiver
dont feed yer leader
you must defeat her!
Track Name: What Did I Miss?
i'm bored what did i miss?
oh lord, did you just "miss" me?
you've made the wrong decision, suck yer dick
into submission.
i'm cheaper and stranger than fiction,
some whore with prescripted afflictions
i'll kiss you like darren wilson then
pillage the village of children you live in
what did i miss?
what did i...
AH indecision so many incisions
would you sink if i jumped off this slave ship,
OH SHIT! what did i miss? x4
would you drown now im parting the seas
promenade with increasing disease
shut up and breathe x3
what did i miss?

feed me another pill
i make you cum, you get the bill
chalice half empty im wishing to fill it
lipless linguistic derision
if you love me suck at the marrow
if you love me smell sebum for me
shut up and BLEED
shut up and leave
what did i miss?
what did i miss,
the last time i was pissed off?
what did i miss
when i last slit my wrists?
Track Name: Take Me Out
yo soy basura x2
yo soy dirty dumpster diver
no, bitch, you cant have a bite
i'll eat you out the box
and look you right into your eyes
i surmise that time will tell me that
yer just a germ
i guess ill always be alone
it seems i never learn
just take me out x2
saccame x3 take me out..

i am distracted by the inaudible buzz that lands somewhere on you that i can't see from here. i crane my neck at the amplified buzz now on my pained window, feel you drowning my mind, drowning in yer pictured eye cornea drip drip from the gutter in Stocton, nasal drip from nosebleed to courtside drip of yer beautiful blood the 1st time you tried to heal like me.
OH! this overstimulation is a constant stagger on the
floor, fingers pinched at odd angles
lying around in my tenement body
bullet holes in tenement body
packed into ripples waiting for it to be simpler
again like militant timpani reverberating
simpler simpler simpler and buzzing buzzing buzzing
just like the screen when i killed